Friday, November 7, 2008

Weekend Road Trip, Anyone?

I thought we were nuts. Then I discovered the newly launched site. It's a site dedicated to just gelato. History, recipes, gelateria listings. This site is quite comprehensive.

The part that gets me is that this table of what your favorite flavors say about your personality. I think I fall into the "loyal, honest" category. I realize they're trying to promote gelato, but I wish there was at least one negative category. Eggplant = foul beast of the Apocalypse. Beef = unnatural, affront to the heavens. Huitlacoche = wtf is wrong with you?! But maybe I'm just a little biased...

I'm digging into this site a little more and it seems to be a clever marketing ploy to buy all your supplies from this supplier. I guess that's ok. I don't know. They probably recommend using water in their gelato. Pfft. Honestly, though, if I were going to make a food company of any kind, I would not name it PreGel. It makes me think of the bit of hair gel at the opening that dries and is pushed out first when you try to squirt out some more. Ew.

Regardless, the gelateria listings could potentially be useful. I'm plotting the ones that are relatively near me on a map. Maybe a road trip is in order.

Note: it's interesting timing for them to release this site. Maybe it'll help defray some of the bad press gelato is getting from Australia. Double ew.

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