Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Whole Foods Saddness

I haven't posted in what seems like forever but mostly because I haven't had Capogiro's since the summer. Finally yesterday the craving overtook me and I went to the White Plains Whole Foods store only to find that it almost seems as if they are slowly taking away from the Capogiro inventory. The pints were hidden behind the bar that separates the freezer section doors and there was only 1 Flavor, Cilantro Lime. Don't get me wrong I like the cilantro lime but I feel like that's more for the summer. I went into Whole Foods with dreams of Heirloom Cider with clove, Pear with Bourbon, Sweet Potato with Pecan Praline (or even better possibly my Baked Sweet Potato with Pineapple though I know its a far stretch to think it could be in a store) instead I came out sad and empty handed. Ugh

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