Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bronx Girl has Capogiro's!!!

Oh Glorious Capogiros!!! I must say that this summer felt very incomplete and the more I think about it the more I believe that the missing puzzle piece was that for me it had no Capogiros. A summer without a Rockefeller Cart, no Whole Foods or Balducci's pints and unfortunately too busy for road trips. I must say it brought me down. I would walk by subpar Gelato shops here in New York City and stand outside the door wondering if I should enter but knowing that I would just be disappointed. As the fall began and my grandmother asked me if I thought it was too early to get decent sweet potatoes it reminded me of my contest win last year and made me start to wonder about my flavor contest prize win. After much inner turmoil of not wanting to bother the folks at Capo's I finally decided to e-mail and inquire. I have never before received a more heartfelt apology from a company and lucky for me as their way of apologizing for the delay in the pints they mailed me an assorted case until sweet potatoes come into season!! Now as The Sniffer wrote we do not usually receive any kind of freebies from Capogiro's but this was unrelated to this blog and just the incredible kindness of Capogiro's for a small oversight. How wonderful, amazing, fantastic, the receipt of the pints are just a sign of good months to come ahead! Of course as with every time I get anything from Capo's one pint must go to my Grandmother, another avid fan, so of course she got her favorite Peach Pint and in the next few days as I work my way through the Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, Lemon Opal Basil, Stracciatella, Pompelmo Rosso con Campari and Pear with Bourbon I'll make sure to update you on all the flavors. So until then I'll just say thank you Capogiro's!!!!! Oh and of course I couldn't open the case without at least tasting the Peach I gave to my grandmother and it was such a wonderfully tasty way to say goodbye to summer.

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