Monday, February 15, 2010

Honey Cumin & Molasses

Honey Cumin & Molasses, originally uploaded by fomartelan.
Although Clove was excellent today, I felt that it would be lost against the Molasses. So I had a pairing of Honey Cumin and Molasses. Delicious as always even in the middle of winter.

The Honey Cumin was particularly good as it's one of those flavors you don't expect. However, like all the spices Capogiro has made into gelato, it's about looking at the flavor from a different perspective. We're used to tasting cumin as a component in many other foods such as Chai Tea. The sugar lover can even make Chai into a desert beverage.

When used in moderation, cumin has a strong earthy nut flavor with a hint of bitterness. Capogiro balanced it well against the milk and honey. Because Molasses is also strong and slightly bitter, it pairs well with Cumin. Together, it's a fine Wintery dessert.

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