Monday, July 18, 2011

Champagne Mango and Pesca con Southern Comfort

Yes, we all know that Capogiro takes advantage of the season's best offerings, but I'd like to point out that this is one of my favorite times of year simply for mangos. I like my mangos perhaps a little too ripened. When I cut up a mango, I want the juice to drip off the blade and onto my fingers. I want my fingers to feel sticky as I bite into the flesh. I want the fibers to be thick and giving. I want to lick off my fingers and lips and think of candy.

That's what the Champagne Mango gelato captures... except cold (and therefore more refreshing) and *ahem* much more cleanly. *blush*

I decided to pair this lovely fruit with Peach with Southern Comfort because I wanted to continue the summery fruit flavor with something a bit more mature. While peach is also one of my favorite fruits, on its own, it cannot compare to the mago. So I was happy to see that it had Southern Comfort infused into it. The Southern Comfort gives the peach a more robust sensation. In this case it's as if i'm drinking a perfectly chilled summer cocktail that refreshes while it relaxes.

Overall, a perfect way to relax from a hard day of writing (I'm on staycation :D)

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