Saturday, October 19, 2013

Zucca with Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla

Autumn, I choose you as my favorite season. If for no other reason, you bring us the pumpkin my favorite squash. 

Too many people don't appreciate pumpkin. It's too subtle for taste buds accustomed to processed pie filler and artificial flavor suspended in a candied shell. To me, its flavor is earthy and evokes childhood memories of a warm fireplace before the world discovered the joys of propane heaters. 

Despite its delicate notes, it gives me a sensation of fullness. My most visceral pumpkin memories are of roasting pumpkin seeds with my mother. They never let me use the knife to carve the pumpkin, but I was always there scooping out the seeds and prepping them for roasting. 

What better flavor to pair with pumpkin than vanilla? Another flavor often derided for a lack of bombast. If you turn your nose at vanilla, I suggest you look up a few beverage and cocktail recipes calling for vanilla bean.

Together, pumpkin and vanilla are a classic made new by the artisans at Capogiro. 

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